About KC's Cattery

Our cattery can accommodate 18 cats/kittens at present. Each cat has its own sleeping quarters where it will spend the night and by day it has both an indoor and outdoor communal area. The outdoor area gets plenty of sun and is ideal for that spot of sunbathing and the indoor area has cat trees, a couch and either a TV or a radio going for the cats. We spend lots of time with the cats and ensure that all cats in our care are happy and as stress-free as possible. In winter-time we put a microwaved heat pad in your cat's cage at night for additional warmth.


We offer Royal Canin dry food to our cats, and fresh water to drink. If you wish your cat to be fed alternative food or if you cat is on a prescription diet you are welcome to bring this with you and we will feed this to your cat instead.

Off-street parking

We have ample offstreet parking and a turning area. Please drive down the left-hand driveway – this will take you behind the house and you can park right beside the cattery (ideal on a rainy day).